Wireflow is free online tool for creating beautiful wireframes & user flows. NO Photoshop skills required! It's Open Source and built by Vanila.io.

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Oh no, someone hunted old, buggy and unfinished side project of ours. That is really sad, really really sad :/ . First of all I apologize for bad user experience and wasting your time with Wireflow. If we putted like 10% more into that app, it would be awesome, free and very useful app to build wire flows. @andrewabogado thanks for hunting bro, but we were not ready for that -.- @rrhoover you can add me as a maker of this buggy app @yaponyal indeed, i am aware of that bug, but it didn't mean to go public like this at all. ============================== It started as an idea to avoid Photoshop, Illustrator and other tools for making simple wires/user flows. I was thinking if we use power of Meteor.js for web app and real-time collaboration, add Fabric.js for canvas manipulation, create simple and beautiful graphics that it could be useful app. That's happen, but i decided to add few more features which were not tested. In one moment, we just left that app there for last 1+ year and moved to another projects. It was done by https://vanila.io crew. I am thinking of making Wireflow Open Source so people can actually make it useful. I created repo, but its empty until we move code there https://github.com/vanila-io/wir... . If anyone interesting to contribute, join on our internal chat on https://chat.vanila.io . I hope we can create another chance, were Wireflow will be upgraded, fixed of bugs, and launched as V2. I know people would like it, and this hunt prove it, even its so buggy and slow.
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@stefan_smiljkovic Whenever you're ready, I'll make sure to give it a try. Good luck with the project!
@harimahesh Thanks for understanding mate. I will give try one more for that product, and hopefully people will have use of it.
@stefan_smiljkovic I️ hear you. I️ often worry somebody will find my projects which we still work on and post it here before we are ready. Maybe you should be able to post your own projects only on PH or maybe you could submit to PH your project to be added to ‘do not publish until ready list’, @rrhoover ?
@rrhoover @dansodkiewicz exactly bro. This happened second time to me, first time was with another project and I saw it on time and contacted admins to remove it. @rrhoover like Daniel said, what you think about feature for reserving your own product for lunch when its ready, so someone else can't catch you off the guard and hunt you.
@stefan_smiljkovic @rrhoover to keep it simple from the tech side, maybe some meta tag on the homepage , something like noindex which would prevent from posting or let a maker create a draft of a project on an account and keep it there hidden from a public, and no duplicate submissions are allowed
+1 for not including a registration gate to try out the app.
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@rrhoover i left another comment below explaining situation of the app. But you can add me as maker.
@yaponyal for the sake of the people whose emails were exposed, you might want to take that down?
@samrye_enspiral Thanks for the good ol’ common sense
@yaponyal Forgot to mention, thats fixed/removed.
All the emails on the right, wtf? 😲
Please let us know when you are ready for public launch @stefan_smiljkovic. Side projecters worldwide will rejoice.
@scottrepreneur thanks for support Scott buddy. I will def, the code is already open sourced and its big mess now. But will try to build community around it and make it wireflow actually useful. Peace,