Product Hunt Daily Digest
October 25th, 2017

The Ultimate Marketing Stack for Startups 📈
Marketing for Startups
The top products the other day included AppGrowthLab and GrowthHackList. Both are particularly useful if your startup doesn't have a marketing department and Don Draper is busy with bigger clients.

We put together a collection of The Ultimate Marketing Stack for startups – perfect for developers and non-growth hackers alike.

📈 The BAMF Bible has 25+ of the best growth hacks from 2017. The team just launched a step-by-step LinkedIn Hacking Guide.

📸 Unsplash has beautiful free photos, gifted by a generous community of photographers. For heavy use, try Unsplash's Bulk Downloader.

💌 Good Email Copy is a list of email templates from the best companies, while the Timing Optimizer shows you the perfect time to send them.

⛵️ Ship (by us!) is the best (imho) way to build an email list and communicate with your users.

📗 Marketing for Developers is a book for programmers who want to learn marketing. Tiny Marketing Wins also deserves a shout out.

🚀 App Launch Checklist is the ultimate planning tool for launching your app successfully. This can also help. 🐱
NEW from Slack: Interactive video-call screen sharing. The next best thing to working in the same room with someone is taking over their screen and clicking on things, remotely.