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You’re invited! Join the Global Hackathon 🌎
We're excited to announce the Product Hunt Global Hackathon! 🚀

Starting November 1st, we’re kicking off a month-long, global, online hackathon. Everyone in the community can participate, and you’ll have the entire month to collaborate, get feedback, and refine your product.

There are over $250,000 in prizes. Including $100k in AWS credits, tickets to TechCrunch Disrupt, and Slack is giving away two iPhone X’s (or a lunch with Stewart Butterfield).

We have an accomplished cast of judges, including Michael Seibel (CEO of Y Combinator), Alexis Ohanian (Reddit cofounder), Cyan Banister (Partner at Founders Fund), and Sarah Tavel (Partner at Benchmark). Check out the full list of judges.

Anyone with a computer is welcome to participate, from solo makers to teams of people. Everyone will get free access to Ship, our new toolkit to help makers build awesome products, and you’re welcome to build anything you like.

Important Dates: October 29th is the deadline to sign-up. November 1st the hackathon starts. December 7th winners are announced. 🏆

Read more on Medium. Sign-up at:

This will be the biggest hackathon we've ever put on. Thank you to our awesome partners: AWS, Stripe, Slack, DribbbleGirls in TechGoogle AssistantGlitchIndie Hackers, and TechCrunch.
Join The Global Hackathon
Launch of the Day: Hiten Shah and the Draftsend team just unveiled their new product, a new tool that rethinks what's possible with presentations. Check it out. 👀 🚀

Fun Fact: Hiten's Free Stuff For Startups is the most followed Product Hunt collection of all-time.
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