InVision Design System Manager makes it possible for every product team to create and maintain a design system at scale.

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This week I’m excited to introduce InVision Design System Manager (DSM). Our mission with this new product is to create the definitive tool for creating and managing design systems, and helping product teams everywhere innovate at scale. We recently welcomed the team to InVision, and have spent the last several months working with them to combine the best of their product with the InVision platform to create InVision DSM. With InVision DSM, your team’s design language and library can now be managed and shared from the InVision platform—and accessed and updated in design tools such as Sketch and InVision Studio, as well as through a custom private web portal. We’ve also built advanced capabilities like permissions and roles, an API to keep code in sync, and enterprise-level security features like SSO and Private Cloud. We’ve been hard at work on this one and are excited to share it with product teams who have needed this as much as we have. Be the first to access InVision DSM
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@clarkvalberg You people never stop!!!
I've been dreaming of a feature like this, well done 🔥 can't wait to try it out!
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Looks super nice, this is exactly what my team needs, we just had another discussion about design systems yesterday. With this and Studio I finally know what you've been busy with. One small request, if I may. After releasing these new things, please spend a little bit of time making sure all your products feel like one consistent whole. Right now, they feel somewhat disjointed. Thanks for all the awesomeness, and keep it real.
@gbks Thanks for your feedback. Lots coming to fulfill that in 2018!
@payam_rajabi awesome, can't wait to play with it.
@gbks I concur with your comment, sir.
@gbks More than just disjointed, IMO. I feel like the old core of the product – prototypes – is sorely lacking in dev and product QA. We basically avoid overlays because they're too buggy and confusing. Hotspots are still arbitrarily drawn by hand and can't be nudged. Performance issues, hotspots moving, comments that pile up (and can't be assigned, etc.). Our team gets a little stressed when we decide we'll run a project through InVision. I don't want that! :(
@cozysd I'm very sure they know about these things. While InVision is a big-ish company these days, I think they are still in a bit of a "move fast and break things" phase where they are rolling out new things very quickly to cover more territory. In true startup-style, that leads to various things just not being as polished as we maybe want. Hopefully they can catch up with that soon. That's my theory at least, haha :)
Da fuq....
Looks amazing! If I'm building patterns in Vue or React or the like, is there a way to put live, coded UI demos in DSM?
@avizuber not for December, but coming soon!
@payam_rajabi Awesome. I want to build something like this: and we already use InVision for so many things. Being able to put it all together would be phenomenal. Also looking forward to Studio. :)
@avizuber totally! I actually worked on shopify's design system prior to joining InVision. Our aim with DSM is to put that power into everyone's hands so teams can create holistic design systems without having to build their own CMS and tooling from scratch.
@avizuber @payam_rajabi That's amazing! We're super excited for this!