Collect is our latest feature. It allows you to activate any Google font in a single click, without the need to download it, unzip and install manually. Just search and activate and you're done. Now you can use the font in any software on your computer. Like magic, but better.

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Hello, hunters! It's been a while, but now we have some great news. Our long-requested Collect feature has finally arrived! With Collect you can now use any Google font in a single click! As if it were your local font. No need to download, unzip, open the directory, and install every single font. Now you can simply find a font family or a single font and click to activate. And you're done — now you can use the font in any of your apps and software. It's like magic, just better. With this update we are also shipping a lot of fixes and improvements to FontBase. Including grouping fonts by families and a specimen page. This will allow us to implement so many cool things in the future, you can't even imagine. Anyway, the update is now live for all FontBase users and will be installed automagically. For everyone else, you can download FontBase from our website and start using it. And as usual, FontBase is and will stay absolutely free. And the best part. Exclusive for ProductHunt, we offer a promo code for our Awesome subscription plan (which is entirely optional, but provides a set of additional features and supports the development a lot). So you can use the code *FBLOVEPH* when you register to our Awesome plan to get two months absolutely for free! So tell your designer friends ;) I will be happy to answer any questions you have and discuss this cool new update with the community.
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I think this app is really good. I like it a lot.
Convince me to leave RightFont. Even though I paid for it! Please! :)
This is incredibly useful. I hate having to test a ton of fonts. Thanks for making!