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February 24th, 2020

AI for your skin
AI Skincare 💅

“My personal rude awakening was when years at an unforgiving private equity job had me looking and feeling old and tired beyond my years. I tried all kinds of expensive skincare products to no avail. I never saw a real difference until I tried products that were tailor made for my skin.”  — Proven co-founder Ming Zhao

Yesterday, beauty startup Proven debuted on Product Hunt with a splash. The company was founded by Ming and her co-founder Amy Yuan, a computational physicist from Stanford, in response to the skincare industry’s lack of innovation. Like Ming, Amy was frustrated with her own skin, so she built her own AI-powered database to analyze scientific students against consumer reviews. Today, the database has expanded to 20 million consumer students and 4,000 scientific papers — all on skin. 👀

How it works: Proven collects 47 different pieces of information about you through it’s “Skin Genome Quiz,” which includes things like your gene expressions, environment, lifestyle and skin concerns. Then, using AI, Proven combs through its database of scientific papers, reviews and dermatology expertise to make a product recommendation. The company even updates your formulas as the seasons change. more acne in high school? Or college? Or ever? Maybe. A sampling of the reviews on Product Hunt indicate that Proven knows their stuff:

“I've love Proven since my first jar. Exactly what my skin needs. I've got an oily T-zone and dry cheeks.” - Nancy

“Proven uses AI where and how it needs to be used. No BS here.” - Camilla

“I use this product every day and it is insanely amazing. I can't believe how well it works.” - Lisa

“I've been using Proven for the last year and my skin really cleared up. Made the mistake of switching off for the last few weeks and now I'm breaking out again. I've learned my lesson - stick with Proven.” - Stella

P.S. They’re giving members of the Product Hunt community a discount if you want to try it out. 👈


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