Product Hunt Daily Digest
September 12th, 2016

iOS 10 is here! Hello App Store for iMessage 📱
iMessage Apps
Starting today you can upgrade to iOS 10! Make sure to backup to iCloud prior, and use the new Google Photos app when you run out of space (which stores all your photos for free). Go cloud.

One of the big additions (other than emoji-text replacement) is the introduction of the 'App Store for iMessage' — now developers can create tiny little apps that live your iMessage conversations. Follow the new iMessage Apps topic to discover things like:
Smileys: Apple's new emoji app
• Rock-Paper-Scissors: Without the silly hand gestures
Guggy: Adds expressive GIFs to your text
• Voo Plan: For quickly coordinating plans with friends
• CalcKey: A calculator within iMessage
Super Mario Run Stickers: 🏃💬🏃💬🏃💬🏃💬
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