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#5 Product of the DaySeptember 12, 2016
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I got a chance to see the new CrunchBase Pro before today's announcement. Very impressive, entering the same space as Mattermark and DataFox. The most interesting aspect is the 3rd party integrations which we'll be a part of, integrating Product Hunt data into their toolset.
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@rrhoover Isn't CB Insights in the same category too?
@rrhoover Thanks Ryan - love the partnership with Crunchbase and Product Hunt. I think the combination of our two datasets are going to blow people's minds. :) As for Crunchbase Pro, we think our combination of extremely powerful tools, affordable price point, and a dataset we've spent a lot of time making the best in the business will get our customers pretty excited.
@michaelbabich @rrhoover Yep there are a number of folks in the space. Obviously my opinion is biased as to which is better - so I'd encourage folks to just do their own comparison on product, price, and data and see which one fits their business needs the best.
@rrhoover How do you quote other PH products pages like you did with Mattermark and Datafox ?
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@nivo0o0 Arrrr love me some data!
@nivo0o0 Which software do you use to make this GIFs ?
Thanks everyone for the upvotes! We're definitely excited around here. Just getting a chance to breathe after the big announcement. I wrote up a big ol blog post that some of you might find interesting around what we're most excited about with this release and how it came to be. One of the key tenets in building Crunchbase Pro was that we kept the existing free functionality available for all. We wanted to make sure that only the people who wanted the additional features would feel compelled to pay for them and the existing features that our users already know and love would remain free (and even get better). We're all pretty excited about Crunchbase Pro and would love to hear your feedback. If you've got things you'd like to see in the product or improvements you'd like us to make, please don't hesitate to let me know. Thanks!
I looked into using their API before and was kind of blown away by the cost. ClearBit had the same info and was a fraction of the cost. This definitely fits the bill though if you're just looking for one off lookups and not deeper integration.
@evankimbrell Hey Evan - thanks for that. Just making sure you know that we do have a free API that over 10k companies and developers use and we had about 1B API calls in the last year. You can check it out here: It's true that if you want the entire data set, there are a few different price points based on how you're planning on using the data (internally vs. external applications that you're monetizing).
@jagermcconnell Yeah it's really not immediately obvious from the site that there is a free API, what it has, and how you access it. I've been bouncing around for 5 minutes and I'm still not sure what's left out in the free version. Good on you for having a free version though
@jagermcconnell @evankimbrell very cool data set but agree that navigation could be improved. I was looking for the API and saw the Open Data Map but I want to be able to cut the data by category and I couldn't find pricing for Advanced or Commercial licence. I only saw the $999 for the internal data usage. Am keen to build Blockspring blocks to use with this dataset as Blockspring has MatterMark and Clearbit connectors already...
@jagermcconnell Couldn't find a list of UUIDs either...
Looks and feels a lot like ProsperWorks
@cleggskie We used Google Material design to inform many of our design decisions so you'll likely find a number of applications that have a similar look and feel in some capacity.