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#4 Product of the DaySeptember 12, 2016
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Thanks @clemnt for hunting us! Hello Hunters! We're thrilled to be featured with today. Since its inception in 2013, came a long way and turned from a side-project into a real company. Today, we are processing over 40k e-mails per day for hundreds of happy customers. Since we got listed in the early days of PH a lot of things changed. To highlight some of them: - Support for e-mail attachment parsing - Internal routing if you have multiple e-mail layouts to parse - Lots of new parsing filters (e.g. postal address normalisation, ...) - Native integrations with Google Sheets, Salesforce, ZohoCRM, ... - Hundreds of integration possibilities thanks to Zapier - A completely re-designed app Happy to answer all questions you might have!
@mdausinger I can never say enough good things about I'm always impressed with how accurate it is and happily recommend it to people time and time again.
@tjhils Thank you! Really happy to hear that!
@mdausinger @clemnt Thank you for building this. Mailparser + Zapier is how I pass emails from my Strikingly site to Mailchimp. Super simple to use.
I've been using Mailparser for a year to automate: - Our company bank records to push our online accounting solution, - Time tracking data of company to push Slack over Zapier. You don't need to be developer to make complex integrations. Congratz Moritz and his team, they do the best email parsing tool on the world!
@yigitkonur Thanks for the kind words!
Congrats @mdausinger! That document parser is 💯.
How does this compare to the Zapier email parser?
Great question @evanlodge! A lot of our customers are using together with Zapier. We are in close contact with the Zapier team all the time and enjoy working together with them. is like the Zapier Email Parser on steroids. Our solutions is more robust when the e-mail layout has variations, e.g. an additional line, repeating line items, missing data points. Furthermore we offer attachment parsing, complex data manipulation filters, etc.
@mdausinger @evanlodge To add to this, I was actually referred to from zapier support when theirs wasn't working.
We have been using Mailparser at our company for 3 months now. It's flawless and easy to set up. Saves us lots of time.