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Great job @sama
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#ProductHuntReview: I just moved to Austin a week ago and VotePlz saved me so much time of trying to figure out where to register to vote. Well done team! Everyone should use this.
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@sethlouey Thanks Seth! Glad to hear you liked it :)
I used VotePlz last week to download my absentee ballet since I will be volunteering for GOTV on election day in a swing state! It was super easy!
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@chrisbarrett That's awesome Chris! Thanks for checking out the product :)
What makes this 'the easiest way'? Register To Vote did a great job of a quick register to vote process... is this battle of the easy-ness πŸ˜› ?? I like seeing a site that is modern which is tackling politics - here in the UK, the gov pages are clunky and outdated... in need of a fresh makeover What have been some of the biggest issues to overcome when building this?
Following on from Bens question, have you looked how long the process would take someone to register/vote?
Hey @anthony_stylianou! I've done some user testing with our app and completion times are typically between 2-3 minutes (for both online & mailer registration)
@bentossell they did a great job and we drew inspiration from the existing options of registration tools + identifying the bottlenecks. The biggest problem area we found in most experiences is when you live in a state that doesn't have online registration so you have to use a printer to print out a form, get an envelope and a stamp then mail it. I own zero of those things so that instantly raises the bar of effort required for me to register. We added functionality to our to tool so that you can fill out the form on our site. We'll mail it to you with an envelope + pre-paid postage, you sign/write in your SSN and stick it in a mailbox. Done πŸŽ‰
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@fouadmatin yeah totally agree - I have a form on my kitchen top this second that Im meant to sort out but physical mail doesnt agree with me either... So does this mean that physical mail still needs to be done, you just take out some of the other painpoints (printing/postage)? We have that sorted by the government in the UK - but I still haven't filled in anything or sent back 😁
@bentossell yes - though unlike the government, we'll ping you periodically via email/text until you've done it πŸ˜‰ I'd love to hear if you or anyone has ideas to improve this step!
Beautiful simple sign up flow, looking forward to using. Initially got an error message on signup last week but was glad to see the message suggest it captured my email and would update me when fixed. Are there plans to use analytics data from the site to optimize the successful registration rate?
@bcjordan Thanks Brian! Ah sorry to hear that -- will follow up shortly to see if the issue you experienced has been fixed. re: optimizing registration rate, Yes absolutely! Lots of A/B testing will be happening :)