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"The car in front might hit the UFO in dense fog, but the Tesla will not" @ElonMusk Blogging: https://www.tesla.com/blog/upgra...
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@nivo0o0 @elonmusk Bioweapon defence and fucking UFO detection. This shit is the future.
@nivo0o0 Best thing I've read today.
@nivo0o0 @elonmusk Since this is rolling out, I am assuming the radar system is already installed on all cars. So what was the deal before? It just wasn't being used or was being used in a different matter and now you adjusted the usage parameters to take advantage of it?
I recently drove 400 miles in a Model X and the Autopilot is already astounding.
@akingcreative Wait just to make sure, you had to charge it right? The range is not 400mi yet.
Is this a joke..it seems like they haven't gotten their act together and are still joking about UFO's...someone died because Musk gave this problem away to a third party to solve...someone died! Mobileye makes the computer vision technology that powers Tesla....well they use to actually, that was before the fatal car crash. http://www.wsj.com/articles/mobi... all I see is a big fat fog here...starting to be pretty concerned about Tesla given it's like Apple they don't seem to make any of their technology that we're going to rely on into the future. computer vision and machine learning is a essential component of this and they don't seem as committed to it as I originally thought.
@nicholassheriff "they don't seem to make any of their technology" What?
@joshuapinter I was referring to the computer vision, deep learning technology they have come out on record saying they are now looking into making it themselves. Before that, third party companies I never knew about were the ones making all of the intelligence for Tesla. I'm only interested in the technology that makes a Tesla smarter long term that is something Tesla doesn't current make. Tesla also doesn't have any experience making this.
@nicholassheriff Okay, I'm glad you're talking just about that because Tesla has a long history of building as much of their own technology as they can in-house, especially compared to other car manufacturers. It's a core principle of Musk, which you can also see in action at SpaceX.
@joshuapinter SpaceX, their past is actually a bit irrelevant given this is a completely new territory for them. I said literally nothing else in my statement before, I only focused literally on actually how futuristic, autonomous vehicles work Joshua and using Teslas own admission and what Musk has said in the past and what they literally have chosen to do is to not build any of this future themselves. Them spending money on SpaceX and building other breakthroughs doesn't literally change any of the facts. I was only speaking about facts. About what Tesla has chosen to do and what they are reconsidering now that someone has died, and the PR is all over this and it's affecting the perception of the company. This isn't an Apple Maps rollout..it isn't Google can do it so can we it's extremly complicated thing to do and to do it well and the end result is actually people die. Apple gives us a crappy update and the fallout is normally dismissed, Samsung actually makes crappy hardware and now we are seeing it people are getting injured. Only time will tell what they do moving forward. I'm not one to ever clap at competency I'm always one to hold people accountable for their actions today and to discuss their motivations given the statements that Musk himself has made when it comes to how he envisions some of this technology.
@nicholassheriff The owner of the crashed Tesla was a moron. Natural selection at it's finest I guess. (Yeah, that's a horrible thing to say... but it was an idiotic act to let your LIFE rely on beta-software in a way that it's not meant to be used) "The Tesla uses a computer vision-based vehicle detection system, but according to the company, it is not intended to be used hands-free and parts of the system are unfinished." "it is not intended to be used hands-free and parts of the system are unfinished." Source: http://www.nytimes.com/interacti... — The person "driving" the car should've used the brake. Autopilot in Tesla cars is not only in beta, but also not meant for sitting back and relaxing with your eyelids closed. It's meant for making some parts of driving (highways primarily) easier. You should NEVER, ever, not be focused and ready.. You should be ready, even if it was a Google self-driving car, that was in production and 100% ready..
hope it will work in indian traffic before meeting to UFO.
Wow, this is the future.