Product Hunt Weekly Digest
January 19th, 2020

Golden Kitty Announcement 🚨
The Golden Kitties

Over the past week, you all nominated your favorite products of 2019 across 25 CATegories. We tallied up thousands of nominations and have narrowed down the finalists by category. Here are the first five categories (keep an eye out in your inbox every day this week as we announce more finalists).

🌍 Social Impact 

🛠 Hardware 

📱 Mobile Apps 

🖋 Design Tools 

🖥 Dev Tools 

Today’s categories are sponsored by our friends at  Xometry, and Dave. 

Voting starts today and closes Saturday January 25 at 7am PT. Upvote your favorites here.

Look out for tomorrow’s newsletter where we’ll be sharing the finalists for the next batch of categories (diversity and inclusion, crypto, no code, fintech, AI and machine learning). In addition to lots of love from the PH community, winners will receive a prize package with custom swag and a golden kitty trophy. 😸


ICYMI: We’re hosting an IRL Product Hunt Meetup in Los Angeles on January 28th at 6 p.m. There will be a DJ, photo booth, swag (of course), free-flowing Philz and an open bar (drink responsibly). The event is free and open to all ages (including all the teenage makers out there). RSVP here. 👈

Note: If you can’t make it to LA, check out one of the other 60 Product Hunt meetups happening around the world that day. 

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