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November 7th, 2019

Your new bookkeeper
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Today’s Daily Digest was crafted by Product Hunt and sponsored by our friends at Pilot.

It’s almost tax season! 👻💸

We can hear you groaning, but it doesn’t have to be that way — especially if you use Pilot.

Pilot is a bookkeeping and tax prep company built for startups and e-commerce businesses. Today, they handle the bookkeeping for hundreds of millions of dollars of transactions per month and have raised $59 million from notable investors (including Stripe).

"The Pilot team was an invaluable resource to us at every stage of the company: they helped set everything up for us in the early days, and they’ve really helped us look around corners because they’re experts at high-growth tech startups." - Nick Bushak, CTO of Gem

The way they see it is: you could try to find a fax machine to get your business taxes done by your uncle’s old college roommate or you could try something more modern.

Here's how Pilot is shaking things up:

🛎You’re paired with a dedicated account manager, a full-time Pilot employee who is a finance expert. Not only do they take care of your books and taxes, but they also help you put a best-in-class financial stack in place and give you advice about best practices. Think of them as your financial butler.

🤖Their team is assisted by powerful software that helps with the most error-prone pieces of bookkeeping so that your books are incredibly accurate. This means that the team spends less time clicking around in QuickBooks and more time providing a top-notch experience for you.

📈Whether you’re two people in a garage or a 200-employee company, Pilot works and grows with you. This might also be why they count hundreds of YC companies as customers.

Pro tip: They're running a special discount for the Product Hunt community right now. Use this link and get 20 percent off your first six months of Pilot Core.


This is trippy. Summarize your tweets with colorful word clouds. 🐦🐦🐦

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