Vectary for Figma

Create photorealistic 3D visuals in Figma

#3 Product of the DayNovember 07, 2019
The missing third dimension in Figma is here! 🎉
Choose from predefined 3D elements and mockups, or create your own scene.
Set your desired perspective in an actual 3D viewport and place it into the scene with one click.
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That's amazing!
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@mucahitgayiran thank you! We are glad you like it!
Absolutely amazing & a huge win for any designers. Thank you!
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@stuffbyspencer thank you for the feedback! 😊
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Best add this for Sketch
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Hi guys! We are huge Figma fans, and ever since Figma released their Plugins, we have been eager to bring the third dimension to our favorite tool. Imagine you can place any 3D object to your Figma canvas and set any view and perspective you want! We are giving you a possibility to use a pre-defined 3D object customizable as 3D mockups, or you can upload your design directly from Vectary and create amazing headers, app presentations, and more. Read more on our blog: Please give us feedback. What kind of 3D elements and mockups would you like to see in Vectary 3D plugin?
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