Product Hunt Daily Digest
June 23rd, 2019

Get a new face
Try Photo Creator

Face-changing tech continues to fill our stories and camera roll. Beyond Snapchat’s viral gender swap and baby face filters (which are expected to boost the company’s Q2 numbers), AI-powered face changing is on the rise.

Last week, Photo Creator, an AI-based photo editor with face swap and background removal, launched on Product Hunt to shake up stock photos. What people think:

“Looks like the future of stock photography market to me” - Julia

“Face switching features are incredible — super easy to use” - Andrea

“So cool I can create the images I need for specific articles.” - Marina

For more face morphing fun, a few more to check out:

🙃 Reflect Step I: Face Swap lets you swap faces with Elon Musk (or anyone)

😯 Face Swap Live lets you switch faces with your friends in real-time

😁 Emojiface turns your face into an emoji

🙃 Zepeto turns your selfie into a Pixar character

😍 Lensa will make you even more beautiful

😎 Swapped lets you change faces with celebrities and friends

😉 Muglife lets you create 3D characters from any photo

😳 Deepfakes web α lets you create deepfake videos

😀 Snap Camera is Snapchat Lenses, but on desktop


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