Create 3D characters from any photo.

Muglife is an iOS app which creates 3D character animations from any photo. You can create memes from your own photo and share your creations as animated avatars, gifs and videos.

It was in beta for the last few months and now this amazing app is launched on the app store, check it out. Share your views below :)

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Now this looks like a lot of fun! πŸ˜‚- I just wish it was available for Android or even windows if possible. I would probably buy it.
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@erickbarron86 -- Yeah Even I'm waiting for the android version. I'm sure Rob has plans to launch it for the android users too.. Lets wait for sometime. :)
@erickbarron86 Hahahaha windows......
@erickbarron86, we are indeed working on an Android version! I wish we had it done already, but we are swamped at the moment. Hopefully in a few months.
this is going to become a huge hit. will get acquired very soon
@krushnaal_pai -- Haha, you are not the first person to say that :) Yeah, this is a complete game changer and you can make tons of Meme, emojis from your own photos..Isn't that cool??
@rob_cohen do you understand that you can create Animoji and make them available for everyone with cheap devices (without depth camera), competing with Apple and annihilating their one of the top marketing feature of brand new iPhone X. P.S. You have the brilliant technology, but really poor UX in the app. If you need any help in this - I can help you to take it to the highest level. It's very important for iOS apps and playful iPhone users. Feel free to drop me a line.
@perpetuous, it's actually more of a complementary technology. The iPhone X's 3D camera appears to do very accurate, expressive facial motion capture for driving animation. Our tech turns any photo into a high quality animated 3D faces. We are using hand animation so far, but it would be a natural extension to use camera-based motion capture, such as the ones used in the iPhone X or Snapchat. Thanks for the offer for help! We can't afford to hire anyone (yet?) If you have any UX advice, I'd love to hear it. I'll download the app on your web site, to try to learn from it. It looks very cool!
@rob_cohen thanks for kind words :) Can I write you somewhere in private messages?
@perpetuous, absolutely, or e-mail at
@rob_cohen thanks. Just sent you an email to ;)
Nice tech, great video promo, poor poor poor UX/UI, you guys need a UI designer
I am not a hater, it is just really hard to use, I have to try hard to do simple things that most of the people want. you need to remove 50% of the app and make Create β†’ Share, and only one Inspire section with ability to easy use that and place own photo - that is it. I am ready to help for free.
@vladkorobov, we did honestly have a struggle about whether to make this a simple toy or a more powerful tool/toy. We tried to streamline the new user experience, while keeping the more powerful functions for advanced users to sink their teeth into. I'm excited to hear your ideas!
Very impressive technology. Might need some UX design work, though.