Turn your face into an emoji

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The new (also creepy) MyIdol? 😁
Turn yourself into an emoji! Snap a selfie and EmojiFace automatically creates emojis that look like you with different expressions and attitudes. - Create personalized emojis of you - 100's of emojis generated from a single photo - Use it in iMessage, WhatsApp and more - You can also emoji your pet! No signup required -- use it instantly!
hahaha.. This is funnya and cool. Nice work :)
Expand your emoji collection with yourself, your friends, your pet, and that plant on your desk (or anything else on your desk). I scoured Twitter and Facebook for the most requested emojis and made sure they're part of Emojiface: middle finger, taco, black heart, cheese, guacamole, etc. Tweet an emoji request to @emojifaceapp with #emojiface and we'll make it for you within a few days and put it in the app. Happy emoji-ing!
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