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May 1st, 2017

Do you have the coooolest workspace? 🤔
Desk Hunt
If you want to get a sense of a person's true inner-self in 2017, do one of two things: Option A) question them for five hours straight in a closed room with no windows, or Option B) get a quick look at their homescreen, workspace, or recently used emojis.

We want to get to know you better. Many of you tweet your homescreen @ProductHunt regularly. And since asking you to share your recently used emojis is too personal, let’s see your workspace. 👀

What to do from here:

1) Show us what your workspace looks like at home or the office (we'll send our 5 favorite replies to this tweet a Product Hunt t-shirt) 😻

2) Check out Desk Hunt to get inspired by other people's setups, and tell us about your own in the comments (include a picture*) 📷

3) Make your workspace unique with these 11 Must-Have Products for Your Office 💚

*Add a picture to your comment by copy/pasting the Image Address
What are your favorite project management tools? View 30+ great recommendations from the community on Product Hunt Ask. 
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