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Mike Rundle
Mike RundleMaker@flyosity · Working on Treeo for iPhone!
Hey everybody! This is a big day for us... we've been working on Treeo and testing it for a long time and we're stoked that it's finally here. Let me know if you have any feedback or questions! ABOUT TREEO: For over 20 years, people have had a blast playing the classic “3×3 celeb voting game" with friends. No one agrees on what to call it (especially in other countries!) but it’s penetrated pop culture with countless appearances in hit movies, TV shows, top YouTube videos and more. Treeo is the first app to bring this addictive voting experience to the iPhone, but it’s a whole lot more than the celeb voting game everyone is used to. Treeo expands the game beyond just celebrities with a fun, interactive “fling” voting gesture to let users solve debates over the cutest dress, funniest movie, greatest athlete and more. Treeo is launching with 7 official accounts (Home, Fashion, Movies, Food, Music, Sports, Politics, and more on the way!) so users can immediately start voting on fun Treeos on all their favorite topics. Users can publish their own Treeos by choosing three images or GIFs (e.g. movie posters) and three emoji categories (e.g. 🍅 Rotten, 🎥 Netflix, 🎟 Premiere) and share it with their followers inside the app, or with their friends and networks through SMS, Twitter, Messenger, Facebook and more. Anyone can vote on a shared Treeo on the web without ever downloading the app or making an account. Have fun! Best, Mike
Jevin Sew
Jevin Sew@jevinsew · Rails / iOS developer
@flyosity Love the onboarding! 😍
Mike Rundle
Mike RundleMaker@flyosity · Working on Treeo for iPhone!
@jevinsew Thank you!!
Sjoerd Janssen
Sjoerd Janssen@sjoerdjanssenen · Backend developer
Andrea Cau
Andrea Cau@andrea_cau · Product Designer @ Oval Money.
Congrats for the launch Mike! I had the opportunity to be a beta tester of this super funny app. The onboarding is really nice and I suggested you give it a try because it's really addictive.
Will Sigmon
Will Sigmon@wsig · Account Manager, WebAssign
Excellent and addicting!
Kees Suijkerbuijk
Kees Suijkerbuijk@suijkerwerk
Nice app and love the unique approach. Content is a little bit US-focused, so I would suggest to bring localized versions asap.