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Daniel Puglisi
@danielpuglisi · Creator of deskhunt.com
Hello everyone. First thanks for adding Desk Hunt to Product Hunt. I appreciate it. Desk Hunt has been born out of curiosity of how other people organize their desk and workspace. I've been self employed and working from home for the last three years and improving my workspace/desk for better ergonomics, focus and productivity is something that I've always… See more


Ryan Hoover
@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
It's fun to get a peek into how others live and work. I use a standing desk, usually covered in empty La Croix cans and 20oz cup of Philz coffee by 10am.
Dan Walker
Reminds me *very* much of my site: www.deskinspire.com
@nathantbernard · CEO @ Lrn
@danielpuglisi is this solely for freelancers or also for individuals desks in larger companies?
Divyansh Patel
@divjpatel · Founder @uiuxcommunity, UI/UX Designer
It's nice to share your work desks. Cleaning a desk is the most challenging work to do!!
Doug Astor
@theezaven · product hunter-gatherer
Nice set up @aub! :)