Desk Hunt

The most inspirational desks and people behind them

Desk Hunt is a place where inspirational workspaces meet stories about focus, ergonomics and self improvement. Join in trying to figure out how to work in a more ergonomic environment, don’t get distracted and stay focused longer and live a richer and more meaningful life.

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It's fun to get a peek into how others live and work. I use a standing desk, usually covered in empty La Croix cans and 20oz cup of Philz coffee by 10am.
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@rrhoover thanks for sharing Desk Hunt! Would you be interested in an interview and sharing your desk? :)
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@rrhoover I have always loved looking at people's desks. Fun to see what environment helps people create. It's also funny how amazed we all still are by two or more connected screens.
@rrhoover Quality of standing desk is a good measure of career progression.
Reminds me *very* much of my site:
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@idemonix thanks for sharing the link. Didn't know about Desk Inspire before.
@danielpuglisi is this solely for freelancers or also for individuals desks in larger companies?
@nathantbernard as long as the desk is inspiring and has some individual features, sure. You can submit here:
It's nice to share your work desks. Cleaning a desk is the most challenging work to do!!
@divjpatel true. I think the key is to be very disciplined about what you have on your desk at which time. I try to have only things on my desk which the current task on hand require. If I'm done with the task I'll put those things away and my desk is "empty" again. Which also makes it easier to dust off.
Nice set up @aub! :)