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March 13th, 2023


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A new platform for corporate transparency

In a world where information is increasingly obscured, manipulated, or generated by GPT, verification tools are becoming more important.

Enter venturefy, a new platform leveraging AI to create an open database of verified corporate relationships, aiming — according to maker Josh Unsdorfer — “to catalyze a paradigm shift in corporate transparency.”

The platform leverages AI to build and update a public wiki that researchers can use to verify corporate relationships, supply chains, and partnerships.

Identifying competitors and potential partners: Users can search and explore relationship listings for any company, navigate to the source URL for specific relationship listings around the web, and visualize the business ecosystems and supply chains of their competitors.

Managing brand reputation: For marketers, venturefy offers a range of tools to help them manage their brand exposure and reputation. They can discover which companies claim to be working with them, place live and verified relationship logos on their websites, and gain more control over their brand’s reputation.

Conducting due diligence: The platform can also help prevent fraud by verifying the authenticity of information relating to partners and suppliers and aid in due diligence when evaluating potential partners or investments.

Unsdorfer is welcoming feedback on "what works, what doesn't, features you would like to see, and any interesting relationships or use cases you discover."

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