Product Hunt Daily Digest
August 1st, 2018

Our new experimental app... now on Web 🥤
Sip for Web 📰
TL;DR: Today, we're bringing Sip to Web. Get daily tappable tech news and stories directly on in your browser, on iOS, or Android. 📰

Earlier this year, we launched Sip: a simple app that curates the most interesting and important tech news of the day, from major product announcements to stories about your favorite makers.

The community loved it: Sip stories have been viewed over 1M times in the last three months, covering everything from an esports team raising $37M from Steph Curry to an e-commerce startup raising $240M.

We launched Sip after discovering an overwhelming majority of our community use Product Hunt to stay up-to-date on what's happening in tech and follow trends in this rapidly changing industry.

Instead of scrolling through Twitter all day, use Sip on your phone or computer to quickly bring yourself up to date with everything tech. Share your hot take in the (new!) comments section with the rest of the Product Hunt community.

Check out Sip for Web and share your thoughts. Happy sipping. 😄

Positivity is good in life. This app removes all negative stuff from Facebook's News Feed. It's ok to be happy. 😊

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