Sour Grapes

Auto-hide any negativity on your Facebook ads and posts.

๐Ÿ‡Sour Grapes automatically scans comments on your page posts and ads, to hide any negativity โ€” it will increase RoAS, page engagement, and brand equity.

๐Ÿค–We check the sentiment of comments posted to determine if they're negative. Otherwise, the blacklist ensures negative comments are kept at bay.

๐Ÿ˜Œ Peace of mind for your brand on Facebook.

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I have an ambivalent feeling about this one. Of course, spam from fake profiles in the comment section is nothing good, but where is the objectivity when in the comments are real complains from real customers? Seems a little bit as censorship.
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@pdziedzicz totally agree. Looks like left-side paradise.
@ariel_jedrzejczak Why do you think censorship is a leftist attribute? I would suggest keeping your uninformed and unthoughtful political opinions of of producthunt which is not a political platform.
@max_de_vos Left-side is not related to politics only. I wouldn't put political opinion here on PH.
@pdziedzicz I completely agree with you. Early on in FB marketing you would think twice about deleting comments, because - good or bad - feedback or โ€œsocialโ€ was the goal. Since FB advertising has pivoted to be all about reach, comments seem to be a secondary engagement metric and something that can be manipulated to make an ad look better.

I just feel like this is exactly what the country doesn't need. We need to hear from everyone, process feedback, and grow. How can you improve yourself without negativity?

Are you block this comment? lol


seems to be built well / designed well


I'm really against this kind of censorship

Thanks, Ben! I understand the censorship concern, but Sour Grapes is more of a tool to block out trolls from ruining a perfectly good post or ad. Nothing is deleted, only hidden and it's easy to unhide anything within your real-time dash on Sour Grapes. Too many times have we launched ads for clients where someone will post that the product is bad or "dumb" when in fact we know they never even purchased one :(
Hi Ben, keep in mind that this is simply enhancing a native feature of the Facebook platform that was very carefully designed to not censor. If this were deleting comments I agree, but we don't do anything of the sort.
This is the best idea! It is a pain in the butt to manage comments on Winnie's Facebook posts. This sounds really helpful.
This is cool! Definitely worth a try. Congrats team
OK, If this works as described, I will be your biggest fan !!! :)