Daisie is where people find their people, get inspired, and make real progress together. It’s a new route into the creative world; through connections made organically and the natural development of skills.

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At Daisie, we're building a platform where creators can share original content, learn and discover, being inspired start new conversations and make ideas happen. We’re introducing creators from around the world, to bring new, raw ideas to life, and reignite the spark on old projects. Enabling users to explore creative work in film, fashion, music, photography, art, and literature, interacting directly with the inspirational people breaking grounds at the top of these creative industries. Daisie was put together by a team of 6: Dom, Maisie, Tim, Reuben, Dominique and Valentina - A small, but hugely passionate group of people who genuinely care about the future of creatives. We worked hard to create a product that we hope a lot of people will really care about, and adopt into their everyday lives. As of today, August 1st, Daisie is available worldwide on the App Store. The core of Daisie is in the hands of the people that use it, the content that’s being uploaded, connections made, the feedback given, experience shared, work created - Our community is fundamental to the future of the app, as well as the present. We're so excited to facilitate the future of creative collaboration. Come work with us, we're hiring :) https://angel.co/daisie-1/jobs
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@maisiewilliams Hey Maisie! Is there an invite code for PH that we can use to get in the app? Would love to check this out!
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@maisiewilliams Thank you for sharing with the community! Daisie looks really promising 😄 What's your vision for the company on the longer run? Where do you see it in the next 5 years?
@maisiewilliams Hi Maisie! That is so awesome! As a creative, and as an elementary educator in Canada I can see this being brought into the educational technology world! I think is a great solution for aspiring creative individuals. My students are super creative and I am wondering if this is applicable to students/classrooms as well to give students opportunities in the future? Thanks!
@maisiewilliams Hello! How does the search work? Is there any geographical feature? Thank you !
@maisiewilliams @benmlevy Second this! Line skip is appreciated, have watched the hype build on instagram this week and interested to try it out.
Daisie is a career focused platform that aims to help more people break into the creative industries. They're addressing a real need for creators – the struggle to make reasonable/regular income and finding people to collaborate with – through a community approach that showcases what they're doing. It's like a mix of LinkedIn/IMDB and GitHub for the creator community. Dom and Maisie are two of the most impressive young people that I've met, with deep knowledge of the struggle that creators face. Excited for them to go after this problem and build this platform for creators. P.S. They're hiring designers and developers 😉 https://angel.co/daisie-1
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@nivo0o0 Thanks, Niv! 💗
@maisiewilliams question for you! What do you like most about being a founder, compared to working on Game of Thrones/acting? Not many people are willing to try new things like that when they're at the top of their profession. 👏
@maisiewilliams Good work. Two questions: Is a web version coming? Do you risk a fake account problem where people make chains with spam-bots in order to boost their status?
@tomhiggins Hey Tom! Web Version: Yes. Before the end of the year! It will be especially important as we work towards bringing collaborative tools to creatives. We don't think the bot thing will be too much of an issue, other users will, of course, be able to see the level of work and the shared projects that have been collaborated on - So chain won't be the only distinguishable factor! Thanks for your questions 🌼
@nivo0o0 Being an actor, you usually play a part in someone else's creation. Being a founder, you get to call the shots. Myself and @domsantry really balance each other out well on the co-founding front. I've already achieved more in my 21 years than I thought I could achieve in a lifetime, I've always felt a real responsibility to use my platform to speak out about injustice. Now that Game of Thrones has drawn to a close, I have the opportunity to not only speak out about injustice but also dedicate my time to solve a problem that I've always been aware of. I'm not from a place where wild opportunities (like the one I was so lucky to get) come around that often. There is so much talent that exists in my generation, and the generation's before and after, that currently goes unnoticed due to the lack of opportunities from people at gilded gates. This is a step in an entirely new direction for me career-wise but in terms of the girl I am and the things I stand for, this couldn't be a more logical step for me to take.
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Big fan of platforms and tools to support creators and makers. Daisie's mission aligns a lot with my brother's progression as a self-taught videographer. He now works in the field but something like this could have been very helpful in connecting him with others and supporting his journey. What type of artists and creators do you expect to see on the platform, @maisiewilliams / @domsantry?
@rrhoover Hey Ryan! We're expecting to see a range of creators, from numerous industries. Naturally, the functionality of collaboration will be more facilitating towards those that aren't creating content at a professional level, as we imagine creators using daisie for projects that have been locked away or that need a little creative boost; rather than for monetary reasons. We're also being slightly selective about how quickly we let users onto the app, so as to protect the quality of work that we've already seen & ensure that new members know how and why to use daisie. 🌼
@maisiewilliams how have you enjoyed jumping into the tech scene and what lead to the creation of the daisie product?
@kevinjonas Hey Kevin! It's been quite surreal. The tech scene is very different from the movie industry; though I do see similarities between the actual creation of a film and an app! @domsantry brought the concept of daisie to me about 2 years ago. His desire to change the archaic system put in place resonated with an issue i'd always had with industry access; being someone who was slingshot to the top due to a combination of luck & good timing. To put the power back into the hands of creators by enabling collaboration & therefore establishing a genuine 'route' into the industry is one of the most important goals for daisie.
@kevinjonas @domsantry @maisiewilliams I think an interesting point that you've both addressed in your app and in the video, is the point that the follower network is broken. It's great to hear you acknowledge that and to recognize that other models exist. Being focused on 2-way communication is key within the creative industry and I'm looking forward giving Daisie a try and sharing it with all of my creative friends. Congrats on launching your product! Now the work begins ;)
Are there incentives for art consumers (rather than producers) to be on the app.
@rockstarcode Hey Rulian! Absolutely 🙌We're making a point to show the transparency of shared projects, from original concept through to finished product. We think this will be a very revealing and interesting process for consumers to witness, and potentially take part in. It will also ensure that producers receive feedback throughout the creative journey, not just at the end! Thanks for taking the time to ask a question! 🌼
@maisiewilliams Awesome, good luck with the launch!