Product Hunt Daily Digest
July 30th, 2018

A phone with no apps raised $1.75M 😯
Using your phone is fun. Really fun. Too much fun.

Apple's upcoming iOS 12 will come with a suite of tools to curb your smartphone addiction, but luckily, startups everywhere have beaten Apple to the market to help your addiction:

🤖 NoPhone is a nifty Android launch client that only lets you open two apps at once. It even comes with a task list to keep you focused.

Light Phone, which crowdfunded more than $1.75M, is an actual phone designed to be used as little as possible. No apps, no games. It only works for actual phone calls and ports directly into your pre-existing phone number.

💮 Moment tracks exactly how long you've spent in-app automatically.

😠 Go F*cking Work is a Chrome extension that makes you do that.
Last week we launched Makers, a place for makers to share their goals and help one another. Today, awesome community member, Temi, wrote about her experience in her newest blog post 🤗.
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