Where are you with your project?
Hello Makers, I would love to know where you guys are at building your product. Let's see if we can help each other. I will start. I am close to finishing up my product. But I need to do testing. Where are you? EDIT:- You can checkout the launch here
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I have finished developing and testing an application. I have to gather a following before I launch it. So I am working in it now. What is your product? I am happy to help
@hosea_varghese That's great. How did you do the testing? If you can, Can you please let me know of resources to "test" application?
@realdesigntack One of the important resources I used was "friends"😂 I build the apk and sent it to my friends. They gave me feedback and reported bugs. I fixed them. This is noobs way of doing it. If u want a professional answer,you are talking to the wrong guy.😅
@hosea_varghese No, no. That is actually a great idea :) Your friends can give you the realest feedback.
@realdesigntack true...savage reviewers😂
@realdesigntack @hosea_varghese I think this is an entrepreneur way of doing things. Probably, you have already read this but, Do things that don't scale
Awesome! What are you working on? We launched Engagebound this month and working with our initial set of customers. I will be glad to help out in any way possible.
@shushrut_mohanty I am working on Designtack which is an upcoming online tool for creating social media content. If you do want to help, Let me know about top 3 ways to acquire initial customers for my product. Thanks.
We are changing a couple of big things at Jooseph - Community Curated Library of Best Articles, Videos and More, from the feedback and data we have gathered our 500 Beta users. Still it's hard to grow and gather feedback from people. That makes us suspicious about the necessity of idea, sometimes. What you're up to :)
@firatdogan I am working on Designtack which is an upcoming online tool for creating social media content. Joospeh seems interesting! I would check it out soon.
@realdesigntack I look up your site and it's a really great idea. I had hard time creating instagram content for my previous products instagram account.
@firatdogan You are going to love it & It will help you certainly. Have you signed up?
@realdesigntack Yep let's see :) Waiting for it, good luck!
@firatdogan Thank you. Glad to have you onboard.
Recently released new version of LightCat (, to help keep your Product Stack in one place for Free (or $9 - instead of $50+ per user). Lightcat is built around the following thesis. - User Stories should point to resources(specs, designs) without copy-pasting links. - (soon) Story should track it's impact on the metrics by itself - not in Tableau. I am an indie-developer with an accelerator backing. So have been doing dev and growth together at the same time. Right now I am actively onboarding PM's and Product teams, and parallely doing as much UX testing as possible.
@kush_apoorva That's great, kush. If you don't mind telling, how did you come up with the product pricing?
@realdesigntack Pricing is one of the hard nuts to crack, and we are not done yet. But for starters, I looked at the market I was trying to reach out to (Product teams at small / medium companies) and what they typically pay for softwares.
@kush_apoorva I agree. Some RnD by yourself is one of the plausible option.
@kush_apoorva Hey Kush! I read your post on IH and it lead me here. Awesome to see you crushing it!
@jelani_abdus_salaam Thanks for your kind words Jelani. "Crushing it" or hardly how I'd put it though - rather its more like "managed to live another day" :-)
I have finished and launched recently I want to market the the app i'm still thinking about how to do it. If you want any help regarding development. I'll try my best to help.
@sanjaykhanssk Thank you for help. I like your product. Do you have any demo links to see?
@realdesigntack Universal link : Universal link that directs to category : Shorted URL : If you like our product. Please up vote -
Super early with a new product idea, trying to figure out what to ask in a survey to validate the idea and how to reach a good number of people. Anyone got some leads on gaming communities who like to answer small surveys? :)
@mediaquery I am pretty sure the gaming communities you are looking for are Gaming Discord Servers. Lurk for your answers there :)
@realdesigntack yep! Will definitely look at some discord, reddit, maybe facebook communities
Just made live, so working on outreach to get initial feedback from ideal profiles. Still tweaking and adjusting the design.
@fernikolic1 Your website has a very aesthetic vibe. Keep it up!
Me and the team are preparing the first public stress test of our MVP: We are developing a tool to match hobby traders/bettors with professionals with verified performance. I would appreciate advice where we can get loyal testers!
@btcwitch Your community should lie in places where people are discussing about news. Twitter could be a great platform. You can also search for trader communities.
We launched today. It's one-stop shop for travel. The Covid-19 situation has thrown a spanner into our plans (months in the making), but we are looking to use this period to learn and grow (and keep people inspired to travel in the meanwhile).
@amlannanda Woah. I just tried it and I instantly love the part where you can pick between food and other options. Good luck with it, sir.
@realdesigntack Thank you, Vaibhav! Glad you loved it.
I'm still writing code and trying to get people interested. I feel like i'm doing all the mistakes possible: - don't have test - no one is interested in the project but I still work on it - I don't have a clear vision of the project Good luck with your projects 💪
@oussama_hamdaoui what is the project about?
@choky thanks for your interest. The project is called it’s like GitHub but for all kind of creators. People can share opportunities or keep them private and work on them. Here are some features available: - a todo list - notes - email reminder - tags Coming soon: - audio notes (will be available tomorrow or day after) - polls - images
@choky @oussama_hamdaoui Well, this seems like a great idea! Don't let your hopes down. Maybe you can niche you audience and have a great community there. Let me know if you need help.
@realdesigntack , thank you 🙏, I'm not giving up on this one 😆. If you could give me any feedback that would be awesome.
@oussama_hamdaoui I already did. Maybe you can search for a niche where your product would be beneficial. Or you can create an MVP and start beta. Improve as you go.
Close to finishing, still to figure out payment options, should I bill monthly or both monthly/yearly. But there is a huuuge space between me reaching out to my potential clients :D
@nenadg I guess it depends entirely on your product. Let me know if you need help :)
Working on Rooster my side project as I learn Rust and its growing arms now :-)
@elasmo_js All the best with that :)
Completed a UX mentoring session, now taking time to reconsider some choice did earlier for @kneaver and how to do it better.
@kneaver @brunowinck That's great, Bruno. Have an amazing week ahead.
i just recently released my mobile app and post it here on Product Hunt. Currently looking for feedback on users in order to make improvements and get impressions
@choky Your landing page is great. But the buttons are really huge! You should take a look there. Otherwise, I love the app's concept.
@realdesigntack Thanks for the feedback. just to clarify, are you mentioning the buttons on the web page? or in the actual app? so, i know where to look :) i'm really glad you like the concept, please feel free to try it. you can also check my product hunt page for additional information
@choky In the website, specifically the download app store, play store button
I launched today and posted it here in the Product Hunting section. I'm looking for reviews and new users)
@dmitriyexist The best part about your app is that it doesn't require registration. Congrats! And my best wishes. its on closed beta. tested 90% ready to be launched pretty soon..
@shakee93 Great product, Shakeeb. I just upvoted it.
Almost finish on a Tesla related app for iOS. Excited to launch soon.
@jeanpierrefig Woah, That's great. Tesla is a dream car for me (& many of us :) All the best.
We’re building https:// - the easiest way to dive in crypto world . We're going to launch Early access waitlist in a week or two ;) Also, as a subproject we're going to launch this week,called Moni Talks – Daily Crypto Digest, where you get the 3 minute newsletter with the hottest takes on the crypto news . Everyday. Main app beta testing will be in a month, after that we'll try to post on PH, after we got 1000-2000 users. Thanks for that topic. If I can somehow help you with testing, let me know and give a link. Love <3
@garrigabrel I always wanted a resource to learn more about the crypto world in general. I guess, I will be looking forward to your product then :) While I don't need any particular help with testing BUT I would love to have you onboard. We'll be launching tomorrow and I am sure, Designtack is something of a product you can benefit from.
@realdesigntack So let me know where i can check it. Thanks!
Getting ready to launch it on PH tomorrow! We’ve been beta testing for a couple of months. Still some things to iron out but want to get it in more peoples hands. We’re building Ladder, a mental wellness assistant powered by data. Our goal is to help people build more self-efficacy and advocacy when it comes to well-being.
@iamdonle Hey, I am launching Designtack tomorrow as well! I will be looking forward to your product, best wishes for the launch!
@realdesigntack Hi Vaibhav, we actually just went live! I'd appreciate your feedback!
I'm gearing up for the launch of [Portabella]( Migrated from Netlify to AWS today, a lot of minor interaction/design things on the app to be done but mainly I'm waiting for my Stripe Atlas bank account to be verified so I can launch with payments.
@alex_harley Interesting product, Alex. Best wishes for the launch.