Your preferred CRM platform for a SaaS Startup?

Kapil Gadhire
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Hi, What CRM would you recommend to an early stage SaaS start up?


Tanya Sharma
Depends on your use case and stage. I'm a huge fan of sending non-designy emails in the early days especially. We use Airtable <> Sendgrid. Airtable manages our user database and SendGrid ensures deliverability (you can add all users with your domain as verified senders to!)
Gaurav verma
@tanyasharma Hi, how is your experience with Sendgrid? Are they worth for what they are charging?
Tanya Sharma
@gaurav_verma10 - Ah sorry I missed this comment. We actually have some Sendgrid credits thanks to On Deck fellowship so havent started paying for it yet. I would say, in the early days optimize with free tools/ look for credits and only pay for services that are absolutely necessary to your product experience.
Vivek Ganesan
We use Hubspot at Notesally. There is a generous free plan.
Zoho and Pipedrive have interesting offers - Hubspot for a free solution
Kapil Gadhire
@jennifer00 Thanks Jennifer! I was using Zoho in one of my previous orgs, but I found FreshSales and Pipedrive better. Pipedrive is in the evaluation list. Thanks :)
If its an early start up I'd say Notion database
Amanda Trincher
I like hubspot Now CRM helps with such processes as: 1. Increasing revenue through better deal care and follow-up 2. Improve customer relationships 3. Accelerate Sales Cycles 4. Better internal communication and cooperation 5. Get a better understanding of customers I have been fond of this topic for a long time and it seems to me that the best CRM Software is HubSpot. You can read more about CRM software here: