Have no-code products changed the way you work? If yes to what extend?

Kapil Gadhire
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Coda is one of the products that has made my work life easy. Would like to know the one No-code product that has changed your work life for good.


Yuri Lisin
Bubble transformed my work from product marketing to product creation. And I didn't even noticed that happened! But I'm glad:)
Airtable is by far the biggest game-changer in the No Code backend world. Our API design and development time (especially for MVPs) has gone from weeks today days (and in many cases hours) since the use of Airtable as a backend. Airtable's filters and formula are extremely powerful, and I have used them in applications ranging from chatbots to fullscale CMSs with equal ease.
Sergio Zaciu
The biggest one for me is still webflow. Much faster and cheaper than outsourcing to a web design firm, and allowed our eng team to just focus on core product :)
Dalibor Houfek
Absolutely, because we're building our own low-code platform https://jetveo.io/ We believe this is the future, because development should be more efficient and there is no need to write same things again and again or to solve complex problems which were solved by somebody else. But of course there will be cases where you need to write your code, at least somebody has to code those no/low-code tools. :-)
Rohan Malhotra
Webflow and Figma! Those two have both given me a job, stable income and so much more. I used to work with code and eventually came across Webflow and learnt Figma myself and now am running a solo 6-figure agency :)