Creating Impactful slides & presentations is such an underrated skill!

Kapil Gadhire
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In your experience, what are other such skills?


Ninad Sail
I surely want to learn it.
Kapil Gadhire
@ninad_sail I will share an hour long recording of my training video with you on - How to make impactful presentations.
Public Speaking I believe
Sagarika Singh
@galia1999 presentations are a whole other beast from public speaking with animation and gifs and icons
Pritam Nanda
I think there are a lot of elements that needs to come in sync to build an impactful presentation. I am listing out a few here: 1. Getting the fonts and font sizes right 2. Hitting the right colour schemes 3. Building a gripping story that runs through the presentation 4. Coming with the right graphic elements that adds elements of interest into the slides 5. Most importantly, every great presentation needs an equally great presenter What do you think?
Sandra Djajic
@pritam_nanda92 Totally agree that there are these exact things make a presentation great. Hitting the nail on the head can be a challenge, though. Definitely takes practice!
Gurpinder Singh
Yes, its one of those underrated skills
Mayank Bishwas
Wouldn't say presentations is an underrated skill but certainly, not many of us think of it as a skill unless we're in a spot 😅. Another such skill I feel is negotiating price, salary, quotes etc. (Guess, both can be related though.)
shaik ikbhal Basha
yes, but when start creating, you will realise lots of time waste, people hat text slide, lots of text