Your favourite tools to collect user feedback?

Rucha Joshi
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Kapil Gadhire
Hello! Feels good to be back! Was down with Covid! :( Hope you all had a good start to the new year! We have been using @usersnap to take user feedback. It also allows users to raise bugs, quite useful when the product is in its beta stage. What do you use at Thursday?
Rucha Joshi
@kapilgadhire Usersnap looks great We use listener at Thursday. Which we also just launched -
Andrew Jackson
I use now the , a pretty nice service, generous free plan.
Rohan Puranik
@andrewdejackson Nice, this looks really useful! Any thoughts on using discord to collect feedback? That is what we have been using to date.
Launching soon!
Hey, I believe that there are quite good chances to get a response from one-to-one / direct feedback collection than by other means. However, when it comes to effectiveness, video reviews are getting quite popular these days. So, any good remote video review collection tool can do wonders for you. I've been following this great product that's set for a launch on PH soon: I think video tools like these have the potential to win the market in this regard.
Great thread here thanks for asking the question;)
Samet Ozkale
Hi everyone, I'm Samet from ⚡ We created new generation product management process. And, our first module provides software companies with collecting feedback from different channels such as feedback widget, feedback link, user portal... You can manage all your feedback in one place. 🚀 Check it out:
Dan Cleary
Little late to the party here, but I am co-founder of Tether. It is a developer focused bug reporting tool. Integrates with your tools, works across all browsers, and is extremely configurable. It is geared more towards bug reporting so it may be more helpful for your team to report bugs internally!
Hélène SAN
Hii Rucha! Snackeet is a great tool to collect users' feedback! Especially because you can ask them how they want to respond to you: Text, Audio or video responses 🔥🔥