Why should you do a hackathon with your team?

Rucha Joshi
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Last week our team met in person and we did a hackathon. I've written about the learnings and take aways (so many!) here - https://medium.com/folly-systems...


Atul Ghorpade
Just read it. I like it. It's good to know Thursday is located in Pune.
Nishith from True Sparrow
@atulghorpade Thanks! Are you in Pune as well? We should catch up.
Rucha Joshi
@atulghorpade Thanks Atul! Are you also based out of Pune?
Atul Ghorpade
@rucha_joshi8 Welcome Rucha! I am from Mumbai. Currently, I am living in Satara(native place) for few days.
Atul Ghorpade
@nishith_shah Hi Nishith, I am now in Satara. I would love to talk with whole team. Let's meet in few days.
It looked amazing - loved the video!
Arthur Conan
The question is rhetorical. Hackathons help to delve deeper into the essence of the project. Such events help specialists to pump their skills.