Which is your most preferred platform to connect with a community of people?

Rucha Joshi
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Jake Gutstein
I asked a similar question the other day! Would love to hear what you think :)
Rucha Joshi
@jake_gutstein Oh I missed the discussion then. Personally I'd prefer twitter when it is someone I've never interacted with. But if I know the person from somewhere - Product hunt for instance, I would be happy to connect with them on Linkedin.
Jake Gutstein
@rucha_joshi8 That's great to know. I just joined the PH community but, thus far, it has seemed like an awesome place to meet people.
Harshit Beniwal
Discord communities of products embracing #buildinpublic are 🔥 I visit them every now and then, see and participate in a community of people (not just the team) coming together to build something together.
Kapil Gadhire
In my experience, people on LinkedIn are more welcoming. As there's always an healthy give and take that happens :)
Rucha Joshi
@kapilgadhire Right. On Linkedin I tend to miss out on certain posts I would like to have seen they get buried very quickly.
Molly O'Neill
The platform isn't as important as the on-line community itself. I've seen some good ones and really bad ones on all these platforms and many outside the "centralized" social platforms. It's all about how vibrant/valuable and managed they are in the platform that is hosting them.
Galia Ben David
I actually really like vibely for more community based communication!
Rucha Joshi
@galia_ben_david Yes, it has its perks, I love community based platforms for new ideas and connecting with a vast number of people. But sometimes it does hinder more focused 1-1 conversation though.
Misha Krunic
All of them work pretty well, it depends mostly on your approach and what you want to achieve with the community you're engaging/managing.
Rucha Joshi
@price2spy True. But what is your preference to connect 1-1 with people you know professionally or someone you met here on PH?
Misha Krunic
@rucha_joshi8 Honestly, I don't think I have a preference. I like to meet people regardless of the platform.
Donia Ahmed
I think what matters most is connecting and creating a free space to express oneself with out being afraid of judgement and this can be achievable on any of those platforms
David J. Kim
I would say LinkedIn only because it has more people. ProductHunt has a good community but the content does move slow sometimes (the default page you get is top posts by week).
Kira Leigh
LinkedIn is really nice and yet I can't quite tell you why it's been great to a weeby nerd like me. Solid people all around, as long as you avoid the obvious bad actors.
The Coach Chris
I like Twitter for open community building. But I also want to use LinkedIn for the private community. I think a balance of both can be really useful.
The Coach Chris
@rucha_joshi8 LinkedIn has been a goldmine for connections. Now, I'm taking a different approach to building community.