Your experience with Capterra

Maxim Frostman
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Hi Ladies and Gents! Another question I would like to ask here: does anyone have anything to say about Capterra? How was your experience with any of their services?


So far, so good. They offered a free campaign for my product OLITT and I was able to get reviews from my clients. I recommend.
Joel Schneider
Hi @maxim_frostman :) To be honest, I found the UX of Capterra's vendor dashboard horrible. It's almost as bad as any tool from LinkedIn (e.g. LI Ads or LI Recruiter). When I wanted to claim our company profile on their other partner sites (Get App, SoftwareAdvice), they simply took the copy from our Capterra profile and adjusted it (I'm assuming to prevent duplicate content). However, the adjusted version was riddled with errors – not very professional 😅 We use their PPC campaign feature – nothing wrong with it, similar performance to Google Ads for us. Also, if you want to give the impression of "being bigger than you are" you can secure a top rank for your product in the "Best softwares for X" simply by bidding higher (as opposed to G2s ranking). If you would need to choose between Capterra and G2, I'd go for G2 though (it's more "honest" and authentic because you can't buy your way to the top that easily). Also, I think they will continue to dominate the comparison site market in the future.
Maxim Frostman
@joel_schneider_ Thank you for sharing your story! Much appreciate the effort to write such a lengthy and detailed post :) We are also thinking to try their PPC campaign. Glad to hear it works for you. G2 we will look into
Pradeepa Somasundaram
Capterra is one of our marketing channel to showcase our brand and our customers are comfortable leaving a review there.