Does anyone here work from home with children?

Maxim Frostman
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How do you guys manage to do your job and babysit at the same time?


School is open so not anymore :-) But did it for several months with 4 kids in the background. What do you want to know? I survived, the kids are alive, we didn't eat just pizza and I didn't get fired
Andrew Thompson
@maxim_frostman @katerinabohlec I have 2 kids, I wish I had the tenacity you have. But I'm struggling running my company and watching my kids. I'm a software engineer, so I need complete focus. I'm not managing to well Maxim, haha. My kids mothers and I just recently got a babysitter to help, but that's incredibly expensive. Praying the schools open soon!
@maxim_frostman @andrewfashion As an employee I don't have responsibility for the company, but I have to deliver tasks to my manager. I was fortunate that my manager gave me the freedom to work whenever I wanted as long as stuff got done. Back in April 2020 we adapted what needed to be done and discussed priority. As my contract ends next month, the pressure has increased to get things done before I leave (they haven't found someone to replace me). I was more selective in the freelance work I accepted, and my co-founder and I slowed down our work. I think its good that you got a baby sitter. Would love to have one even if it's just for one day. By the way, I think most knowledge workers require complete focus to do good work. I get annoyed when the kids come in while I analyze data or write.
Maxim Frostman
@katerinabohlec Well done, Katerina! This is what I call an inspiring story! I have 2 3 years old at home but you had to cope with 4! That's incredible
Maxim Frostman
@andrewfashion Mine are to small to send to school. Private childcare is expensive as well as the babysitter. You are right. Will have to live like this till autumn at least )) Wish you and your family the best of luck!
@maxim_frostman It sounds like you have twins. That sounds difficult. I have at least a spread of skills and developmental levels. It also gets exponentially easier. Getting a 4th kid is a piece of cake compared to the 2nd kid. What is hard is that western society isn't that accepting towards large families. The biggest issue is when asking for family tickets. We are 1 adult and 4 kids, but I often have to argue that we are a family and should have the right to buy a family ticket.
We’ll still do what we have to — because we’re parents — but it really is that bad and it’s okay to admit it.
Nazmun Nur
School is open so not anymore...