A perfect video for your landing page

Maxim Frostman
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Hi guys! Currently, investigating how a good video presentation of SaaS product for a landing page should look like. Need to order one for our project. Will be grateful if someone posts some links of their favorite ones so I have a better idea what people like the most :) Thanks for your attention!


Ali Sabti
The best videos are those that SHOW what the product does, or the problem it solves.
Maxim Frostman
@sabtiali Cheers Ali! Well said. However, the question is not about what the video says but how it looks like. We are not sure about the visual side of things: should it be a pure animation, animation mixed with some real life footage or, simply, a video presentation by one of the team members who quickly explains about the product... This is the reason why I wanted to see few examples from the audience of their favorite ones to have a better idea. Thanks again for your advice!
Liza Karelina
I prefer video, where I may see product interface and simply understand who and how will use it and for what. I think animation will be perfect. Also, you may see what your competitors do ;)
Ilia Pikulev
You can, for example use short animations outlining your project's features (so people can just scroll through at the pace they want). Examples below: https://monday.com https://thebutterapp.com https://www.coloban.com (this one is our job :) )
Cica-Laure Mbappé
Hi Maxim! At keypup.io we released several product videos for our LPs. We chose to make animated videos to make them more dynamic and impactful. Feel free to have a look! https://www.youtube.com/channel/...
Alexa Vovchenko
I personally like Dollar shave Club's videos (every video of them is great), but the problem is that everyone who tries to emulate their style fails miserably :) Also, the format of the video will depend on your budget. We chose an animated format for our product, mb this will give you some fresh ideas: