You have a $1000 budget to kick-start your project - how do you spend it?

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Well that's about our budget at the moment - spent in various projects on: - Developer - Designer - API Developer (for customer identification)
Alina Ihnatiuk
My dream is a small clothing showroom. I think I'll rent the premises and pay for the sewing of a small capsule of clothing. I can solve all other technical nuances on my own or with the help of friends.
Ira GI
In fact, this is a small amount .. I think I would hire an assistant and a specialist in the direction of the business
Derek Duban
For me it would be design/artwork. Perhaps some kind of marketing for launch but I don't know if that is enough of a budget for that to make an impact.
Michael Neuhauser
Depending on the project, this is a rather small budget. So maybe making the project look professional and hire a designer for a quick "facelift".
Stefan Smiljkovic
$1k for development and growth, or just for growth?