Share your side project!

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Misha Krunic
I recently started working on a bot protection score service. Since my main project is Price2Spy, which is basically a very complex bot, after 10 years, I decided to try to get into the other side of the coin, and offer people the chance to test their website and see how well protected are they. How does this sound to you?
Misha Krunic
Thanks, feel free to let me know what you think. We are also looking for beta users, so if you'd like to try this our for free, you can subscribe.
Vahid A.Nezhad
My current project is a newsletter about soft skills that I have curated from trusted resources on
Johannes Grenzemann
Mine is called Infinity Maps and is like a 3D mindmap alternative which allows you to easier develop complex concept, better understand/decompose complex topics and you also can use it to present stuff :)
Johannes Grenzemann
@divyamundhra thanks Divya. I can show you what our marketing manager is doing with that / how the social media strategy development of the future could look like :)