You hate the attention economy... so what are new business models that are worth pursuing?

Chris Messina
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The fundamental problem with the attention economy is that the advertising industry discovered that the internet provided free real estate (i.e. user generated content) against which it could sell its inventory, which consumed the scarce resource of human attention. Creators were motivated to run up quantitative metrics like Likes and Follower count to increase their attention dividend payouts based on their relative "captive audience" but now that we're a decade+ into this new economic paradigm, creators are experiencing burn out, consumers are feeling manipulated, and our mental health is frayed by the priorities of algorithms that need us to consume more by exploiting our psychological vulnerabilities. So — what is the answer? Which products or services have you found that give you back your attention, restore calm to your digital environment, or otherwise compensate creators equitably, sustainably, and honorably? Would love to hear your suggestions here and then go deeper with @jayz tomorrow on Clubhouse: Betalab Clubhouse Series: Let's Chat... New Business Models? Tuesday, April 6, 2021 12pm EDT / 9am PST


Sreekanth PM
It is high time to think about audience get a pie of share in revenue, may be bitclout like something can be a game changer.
Michel Gagnon
I really like startups who tackle big societal problems and figure out a way to build a business model around it. Here are a few examples: -> Creating a world without unnecessary food waste and reducing CO2 emission as a result -> Toy sharing, reducing over consumption and waste