Working on weekends?

Mutlu Sakar
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I am a big advocate of 2 full day holiday (or at least don't do work related stuff). Only 1 day freedom doesn't let my mind to get recover. But real life forces us to make excuses :( Many makers here working on weekends as far as i can observe. Do you think it is sustainable, sincerely?


Kirill Sokol
Weekends are a great time to work in peace when you are not distracted by clients and colleagues )
Mutlu Sakar
@malkielfalcone haha yep i will agree on this :)
Anton von Hunerbein
What is sustainable? Is it forever and ever? I don't think i can go 7 days a week, but i am not sure that i can do anything forever and ever. I can work 6.5 days a week for a month and then I change the routine. I always try to make my days fun and include some variety.
Whats a weekend?
Sandra Djajic
It's important to prioritize rest to maintain productivity. Everyone's situation is unique but finding a balance that allows for both rest and meeting responsibilities is important. I try to not work on weekends but sometimes I have to log in for few hours.
Morgan Kung
I don't do work on weekends unless it's an absolute emergency. I like to keep my work and personal life separate and spend more quality time with my loved ones. Maybe it's because I'm getting up there in age, I used to be all about working non-stop on weekends and feeling super accomplished.
Zee A
Launching soon!
It works as long as you find the right balance between going out and getting fresh air and then back to the computer. It's much more fun when you have a co-founder with similar interests :)