Who should be set as "maker" for the launch?

Nim Ron
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We were wondering - should we set our whole team as the makers of our product / only the founders / some other option? What do you guys think?


Jeilan Devanesan
We just launched today. Same question I had earlier on... but it made sense to choose a few folks who had worked on it extensively, that would be available for any incoming questions. It makes it easier to manage messaging too, and it doesn't overwhelm the team of like 10+ people who also have stuff to work on today haha... That was our thinking anyway, so we had 4 makers added to the post.
Sharath Kuruganty
I would suggest people who actualy worked on the product.
Nim Ron
Thanks @5harath. Naturally the whole team has been working on the product, but combining your and @jbear36 's tips, sounds like including the "core" designers and builders of the product is the way to go. Thanks once again for the help!
Larry Hopkins
Work as team to celebrate the success
Ira GI
I think it is always important to include the entire command at startup. It's like the credits in a movie - everyone who worked on the project is listed.
Margarita Shvetsova
I think it depends on how many people there are who have been working on the product. But yeah, I support the idea to include everyone who actively contributed to building and developing the product. In our case (will be launching soon), I plan to add CEO who was the creator of the product, the product manager, marketing managers and support team. Would love to add programmers too (they are the ones who actually build the product, right?) but they said they are too busy with their coding stuff to create a PH account, lol.
Ida Normark Rasmussen
We have had the same question. Launching in a few weeks and it is still difficult to determine. Our considerations have evolved a lot around the ideation and development phase and choosing the people who have been driving these phases. But will definitely follow this post for inspiration and best practice 😊