Which tools do you use for bug-collection?

Nim Ron
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Need recommendations for handy tools for Bug Feasts / QA Parties / Whatever you call them in your team:) Thanks!


Dani Ioscovich
For apps, I loved this one: https://instabug.com/product/bug... Not sure about tools for web..
Nim Ron
@dani_ioscovich1 Thanks man! We actually also need a tool for web, but this one will definitely come in handy
Lukas Böhler
Hey Nim, Me and my team are working on a customer feedback tool called Gleap and are actually going to launch on PH tomorrow - we have been working on it for the past 3 years :) We do have a special technical focus - so you get screenshots, console logs, custom logs, session replays, network requests along with bug reports. We do have SDKs for app & web available. Happy to help if you have any questions. You can find it here: https://gleap.io/
I like the little bug feature on Katlinks - just a small red bug on screen for the user. @roberto_robles might be able to comment how it's done!
Roberto Robles
@maxwellcdavis @nimrodron we went with the simplest solution. A bug icon on top opens a one input modal that we get via email with the email of the user, the page where it was reported and the issue entered by the user. Right now I'm only managing them via email, but with a zap I can easily send that to Trello for follow-up and archive.