Who did you tell first about your startup/business idea?

Evelina Radoycheva
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I've recently stumbled upon an article that encourages people to share their startup/business idea with someone else. Seems like a great way to get valuable feedback and eventually revise your initial concept. So who was the first person you shared your startup/business idea with? Family? Friend? Colleague? What was the outcome?


Iliya Valchanov
I told my wife. Always tell your wife first. She approved, so I was free to move forward :D
Kartik J. πŸ‘·
same as @iliya_valchanov Whenever I have any Idea regarding the feature, marketing, growth, or for the new product, I am trying to find out someone similar to my persona/users. And If am not able to find someone like that then I am trying to create an exciting story of the idea and telling my wife :)