🤷‍♀️ How to Get Rid of Earworms?

Evelina Radoycheva
3 replies
Relax. No real worms in my ears. Just a small part of a song that has been stuck in my head for the last 3 days. And although I usually like this song, it gets a bit annoying to hum the chorus 47 times a day. I guess many of you listen music while working. You've probably had a song stuck in your head at least once. Help me. How to get rid of it?


Pablo Palmitas
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You can try listening to some complex classical music like Gustav Mahler or Arvo Pärt. Your earworm will get intimidated and will run away haha
Evelina Radoycheva
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@pablo_palmitas hmm, tried to find something intimidating but I couldn't, lol. Anything in particular?
Mariya Valchanova
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play another, catchier song