❓When are you most productive when working from home?

Evelina Radoycheva
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Let's talk productivity. When are you most productive when working from home? 🍜 After a meal πŸŒ… Early in the morning πŸŒ™ Late at night β˜• After Π° coffee πŸ‹οΈ After exercising Let me know in the comments below ;)


after Γ  coffee !!!
Mariya Valchanova
Either after a coffee or late at night, when there are no distractions and time pressure (if we don't count going to sleep).
Ilko Kacharov [Team-GPT]
The most productive time for me is just before dinner, when I'm in a hurry or artificial stress to compete the task so I can treat myself with the supper. The second most efficient time is early in the morning while everyone is asleep and I can something done while having a creamy espresso.
Vera Mirzoyan
I'm at the top of my productivity in the morning, after a cup of coffee β˜•
Anna Voronina
πŸŒ… Early in the morning
Ana Dodig
After a cup of coffee :) β˜•
Alexey Shashkov
Howdy, Evelina! A cool topic. When I'm working from home I'm most productive: – early in the morning when I have a lot of energy; – late at night when I don't have a lot of anxiety. =)
Dawn Veltri
Definitely after a meal. My most productive hours are after lunch.
Mahak from Outgrow
From 11-12 am, in the evening(5-7 pm) and in the night(they are best).
Dafni Chontou
After coffee, after a run and sometimes late at night when I get a spark of inspiration :)
Andrii Kpyto
🍜 After a meal - nope πŸŒ… Early in the morning - sometimes πŸŒ™ Late at night - yes, if needed β˜• After Π° coffee - YES, OF COURSE πŸ‹οΈ After exercising - wait, where is my coffee?
Elena Cirera
@kpyto @eve_rad Why have you not mentioned my favorite Mocha?
Evelina Radoycheva
@kpyto @elena_cirera I'm not a coffee person. You've caught me off guard lol
Hamed Baatour
πŸŒ™ Super Late at night to the point the next day comes up β˜€ so I don't know how to call that early morning or late at night πŸ˜„
Collin Thompson
Early in the morning. I get up at 5:30 am, make a coffee, then dive right into emails. After this, I start to review my daily routine, and decide on what tasks I wanna hit first. I find that I have the most enthusiasm and energy in the morning, and then I use the afternoons for Zoom calls and digital "meetups".
Martina Hackbartt
I'm definitely most productive early in the morning! I get so much done compared to all other parts of the day. After a coffee in the afternoon also works for me, but definitely not at night; at 9pm I'm already feeling my brain shut down.
Joseph V. Lawrence
After some coffee and while listening to lo-fi beats.
Anshika Singh
I worked for a bit from my parent's house, so definitely late at night when my siblings and parents were sleeping and, there were fewer distractions.
Janhvi Sirohi
I think it comes down to momentum. I'm most productive when I just start out and keep working for a few minutes. Starting out initially is hard but usually you get into a rythm and are better able to focus.
Jaskiran Kaur
After Tea and meal, I am most productive as it gives energy and help in concentrating more.
Elena Cirera
@jaskiran_kaur After a meal, I feel a bit sleepy. To break this spell, I take a strong cup of coffee.
Elena Cirera
I am more productive early in the morning, especially after a cup of coffee.
Sebastian Britz
Early in the morning after the first cup of coffee