Which note-taking app for team do you use?

Ashit Vora
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We are exploring different options for note-taking within our team. We were earlier using OneNote and switched away from the MSFT ecosystem to Google Workspace. We need something that does not require using a shared credential but everyone should be able to use their own. We do not need all the bells and whistles that apps like Notion provide. We would be happy with simple Rich Text Editor-like features. Most importantly, it would be nice if it was a free app. Being a bootstrapped start-up, $4/user/month is a little too high for us currently.


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Notion is honestly the best, for just notes or if you want spreadsheet (databases) that can also talk to each other, or even if you want your slack or something to connect to it you can make stuff with their API... Very intuitive design too! And if it's to expensive you can use someone like secret to get $1000 off,, https://www.joinsecret.com/offer...
Ashit Vora
@max15 Interesting. I had never heard of Secret before. I'll explore more. Thanks a ton for sharing :)
Sav Cooper
@max15 @ashitvora Notion is awesome because you can have public team pages and private personal pages - all my notes live in the same place which is super efficient!
Ashit Vora
@max15 @sav_cooper We do use Notion but we use a shared account. It's difficult to keep track of who added what so realised everyone should have a separate account but turns out Team account is too costly. What @max15 pointed out is a good. I will explore JoinSecret.
Akash Ambade
I have been a regular user of Google Keep from last 7 years but honestly Google has ignored this app for so long and never had a roadmap to improve upon. Even the simplest features like Bold, Italics, Quotes etc. are not there. So I personally use Notion more often now. An all in tool for productivity.
Anil Meena
Notion - When I need to share the notes with others Notes (default Mac OS app) - For personal quick notes...
Ashley Kizlyk
Notion is my go to! However I use clickup for project management and their docs function is pretty dope!
Jake Gutstein
@ashley_kizlyk @ashitvora I think ClickUp could be worth a shot! We used it for a little while. They update the platform constantly and have a lot of functionality. I ended up in the same boat as Ashley with my team moving over to Notion (we Notion for everything including PM now).
Mem.ai is currently free as it's in Beta.
Galia Ben David
I have phases with notion where I organize everything neatly into pages but never ending up using them 😅 Eventually I just go back to my notes app.
Ira GI
google products
Ashit Vora
@ira_gi What in Google Suite do you use for Note Taking?
Sofya Narbut
Dropbox paper is pretty neat btw. There can be individual papers and shared ones.
Jake Gutstein
We work with a combination of Notion and Google Suite. It's been highly effective for our team but if you're avoiding using paid tools, I'd recommend implementing strict accountability procedures: - Established file naming procedures - A well kept Wiki for employees to look up how processes are done step by step - AORs with clearly defined DRIs (https://wavelength.asana.com/wor...) - GTD Method (https://www.amazon.com/Getting-T...)
Jack taylor
I mainly use with trello.
Tina Dabi
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