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Ashit Vora
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We are a small web & mobile app development company based out of Ireland & India with a headcount of 30. We are a completely remote company and rely on a bunch of tools to efficiently do all the operators. Of course, we are still seeing some challenges and it would be nice to know what everyone uses so we all can improve our processes. Here are the tools we use. 1. Slack - for internal communication and communicating with the customers. We add them to our Slack channel. 2. Asana - We use this for project management. It is a generic tool and hence comes with many limitations in the free plan. At this stage, $10/user/month is a little too high for us so we are sticking to the FREE plan. 3. Linear - We tried switching to Linear since it is close to JIRA but with Asana-like UI. We tried it for one project but realized that it has many limitations. We decided to go back to Asana as $10/user/month for Linear is not justifiable for us at the moment. 4. Google Workspace - We use this Email, Calendar, Meetings, and Docs. 5. Microsoft Teams - Our Google Workspace plan does not support Video Recording and we prefer to record videos sometimes for that reason we have a shared account on MS Teams which is used when we wish to record a video call. We are looking for a way to streamline this process. Usually, non-tech people have issues getting on a call on MS Teams. We are thinking of exploring Zoom or Whereby. 6. Notion - We intend to use this for Note Taking but it's not that effective for some reason. Since it has not become an integral part of our day-to-day activities, we tend to ignore this and fall back on Google Docs. I wish Google had something similar to Notion / Evernote / OneNote for note-taking and collaboration. 7. Git - We use this for version control. We switch from GitLab to Github since most of the services we use have better integration with Github than Gitlab. 8. 1Password - We switched from LastPass since we had some issues with LastPass not being able to charge our card. Otherwise, we love LastPass more than 1Password. 9. Grammarly - Everyone uses a free account of Grammarly. It works well. Would love to hear about what you use at your company, agency, or as a solo founder to be more productive at work.


Tony Yan
We are using: 1, Github for source code control. 2, Feishu for team collaboration 3, Notion for documents. 4, Grammarly for content writing 5, QuickTable(our own product) for daily data analysis.
Wiktoria Jaszcza
Jira TickTick Workspaces (to keep all resources that you need for your projects at hand) Grammarly