What tools do you/your team use at your company to be more productive?

Ashit Vora
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I'll start with what we use 1. Asana - we use this for Project Management, Test Cases Management, etc. It's not the best for everything we do but it does the job. 2. Notion - we have been trying to adopt this for all the note-takings & SOPs but often times we end up using Google Docs or Asana. 3. Google Workspace - For Email, Calendar, Docs. 4. Slack - For internal communication. We intentionally stayed on the Free plan so everyone in the team knows that important discussions shouldn't happen here otherwise it will disappear after a few days. It nudges them to use Asana more for important discussions. 5. Razorpay PayrollX - For running payroll. It is a blessing if you are not using any payroll system already. 6. Zoho Recruit - For Application Management System. Earlier we used Asana for this as well but after some point it became messy and hence we decided to switch to a dedicated AMS. 7. Zoho Invoice - For creating Invoices. Again, if you have been creating invoices manually using Google Docs, you should definitely check this out. 8. Grammarly 9. Vimeo Record - Earlier we used to use Loom for capturing short videos to share with the teammates but since they started capping the number of videos we can create, we decided to switch to Vimeo. 10. 1Password - For sharing passwords across the team. 11. Google Meet - For all the internal meetings. 12. Microsoft Teams - Our Google Workspace plan does not support Video Call Recording and hence we kept one paid account of MS Teams in case we need to record any meeting.


Graeme O’Connor
Notion for planning, project and task management, organisation etc. Any.do for noting down quick ideas (Notion's main drawback is it's a bit slow, especially on mobile) OneNote for note taking and culture building
Ashit Vora
@iamgoconnor Nice. Personal to-dos are ok but didn't know we can use Notion efficiently for project & task management as well.