Which is more important for your PH launch - intro video or screen grabs?

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Launching soon!
I think Intro Videos can give out more information and better attraction for your products.
I actually don't like the videos - as it takes me longer to understand the product - I usually only need a picture to figure it out
Fabian Maume
Video tends to perform better, but 3 nice screenshots can also work. My main advice will be to not overthink it and just try to launch.
flo merian
Hey @patricia_bsc_kairn, great question! Here's the story of our launch on Product Hunt. When we designed the visual assets, we wanted to make sure it represents our love and care for pixels. We're a small team with approx. 1,200 followers on Twitter, and it turns out people embraced our video intro — watching it more than 20,000 times. We don't have any proof of to what extent our video helped us on launch day, but we're sure that it represents our values and helps people have glimpse at the efforts and love we put into building Specify. Hope it helps you shape your upcoming launch. Keep us posted! P.S. ICYMI Product Hunt uses the first image of the gallery as the `meta` image. Make sure to nail it :)