Pretty screens or real screens for your product page?

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Hi ! For a product launch on PH would you reco to share your current app screens or Figmas of what they'll look like in the future? I'm definitiely going for current if you open direct access to the tool so people don't get on a version different than what they signed-up for. WDYT?

Hi Patricia, In my opinion, it could be a mix of both. A mix of real screens and some Figma Mockups. Especially in long-format content like blogs, it could be interesting to use both. In the use-cases as well as blogs section of Qinaps we mix and match both.
@nilova_pande Super interesting thanks for your answer :) Gonna check your Blog section !
@patricia_bsc_kairn Thanks for checking it out :) So have you decided yet on the way forward?
Irina Heinz
@nilova_pande agree, I'm all for the mix too!
@nilova_pande We'll go for a mix !! will do a demo video which will be on current app (so it's not a prototype demo) and some pretty screens for the future on new features !
I am actually surprised why other's have not commented on this topic, a few months back I had asked a similar question
Maxwell Davis
If it's a product in development then I don't think there's a problem using Figma mockups - but I'd avoid it if it's a production version
@maxwellcdavis Super interesting thanks ! Indeed we're thinking demo with current product for all that is in prod, and pretty screens for future new features ! WDYT ?
I kinda like both as long as it triggers my inner desire to try the product.
@pradeeb28 Can't wait to show it to you and see the fire ignite 🔥
Pritam Nanda
Hi. I would suggest you share your current app screens. When you show your future Figmas, people tend to over-expect and would be disappointed not to find the same UI and features that they subscribed for. While the Figmas might get you some initial eyeballs, it might harm you in the long run as people might form a negative opinion about you and your brand. Let me what you think.
Ramon Devils
A blend of actual monitors and a few Figma Mockups. Especially in long-layout content material like blogs, it is able to be exciting to apply both. I do not assume there may be a trouble the usage of Figma mockups While the Figmas may get you a few preliminary eyeballs, it'd damage you in the end as humans may shape a poor opinion approximately you and your brand. Let me what you assume.
Tahniat Alam
The major drawback of current screens is that whenever in the long run you will improve and upgrade the app UI, you have to change the screenshots everywhere! This is definitely double the time and work. Go with visuals similar to the current screens maybe as the idea will always be the same even in the future.
@tahniat_alam Super interesting take thanks ! I don't know if we can edit a PH page after the launch 🧐
Rucha Joshi
Current screens for sure. and you can always update them as you roll out more features. But over promising users is not a good idea, especially when starting out.
@rucha_joshi8 So even on new features to come?
Rucha Joshi
@patricia_bsc_kairn With new features you'll have to make exceptions. However if your design language is fixed then creating quick mock ups could work. You could use both, as long as t does not compromise the overall look and feel of the landing page, I'd say
Saqib Ali
From a marketing perspective, I really do believe using a good blend of both can entice a handsome audience for your products. Definitely, people are more concerned about the functionality of a product but good-looking screenshots can hook them for a while and reduce the bounce rate of your product page.
@saqib301 sooooo true ahah good pretty marketing sells the best afterall ❤️💰
Fariz Hakim
Depends on how complex are the screens/interface/dashboards. If the screen is simple enough or where you can strip things down so everything is legible and digestible, then go for the real screen (E.g. Notion) But if it is way too complex and letters are barely legible, then go with the more "mockup" version. (E.g. some sort of complex data analytics tool)
@fariz_hakim True .. even for pretty screens we're thinking to cut to the most essential part of the page so it doesn't create noise
Carsten Pleiser
In our launch (today), we went real screens since it's so much faster than animations. I agree that expectations must be met 100%.
Jonathan Garreis
For we used real screens - Customers will notice the difference immediately!