How did you build anticipation / tease ahead of your Product Hunt Launch?

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Here's something I did πŸ‘‡ I had been personally cooking a bite-sized social learning app for almost a year now. So to create anticipation, I had been creating bite learnable on Instagram and hinting at the app where ever possible. For example in this post: I explained how to design a perfect UX for off-boarding a user. And at the end I added the UI from my app. Indirectly pitching the app πŸ˜ƒ Also @patricia_bsc_kairn ! Thanks for asking this :D Even I am super curious to know what others have to say.
David Mungai
We didn't and now on our launch day we're paying for it, building a great community on ph is the key to a great launch.
Brian Nutt
I have been trying to contribute to community conversations where helpful and to interact with products I find interesting. I've. been at it for a couple of months now with some success. I just today created a Ship page and hope to get some sign-ups before our launch. Launch date is yet to be determined but we are getting ever closer!
The idea is to gather more and more community on Product Hunt and all other socials. Start teasing with the problem that you aim to solve. Post content around the unique features that you're set to offer. And most importantly, connect and network with the makers of similar products who will help you with their community and expertise during the launch!
Aleks Dahlberg
I helped with a couple of launches for friends (still learning) but one great thing we did to get buy in from people early was start posting/talking about the products with friends pre-launch and help build connections outside of our immediate networks - this helped to build relationships with people who had bigger audiences (on LinkedIn or Slack) that we could rely on to post/report our launch. This not only improve things on ProductHunt but also bough buy-in outside of PH too
Lidia Vijga
We released a secret feature on our launch (which is today!!) and during this week we were giving away hints on social media: And here is our launch: When are you launching? We will support!